• Vision

    The Vision of the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough promotes high expectations and excellence for all in a dynamic learning environment that inspires opportunities for thinking critically, solving problems, and engaging intellectual curiosity. We integrate relevant technology and foster innovation to set the stage for success in a global society. Our culture supports diversity, inclusion, discovery, resiliency, and effective communication in a safe environment.

    The vision of a district is a picture of what a district believes it should be in the future. It is a statement that everyone will strive to reach and attain. As it is developed, the district needs to ensure that the vision is sustainable. It should therefore meet the test of time. The district should plan to review its strategic plan on a continuous five-year basis. If the vision statement truly reflects the district’s future, then as the plan is reviewed, the vision should not change. The statement developed by the Steering Committee represents beliefs and aspirations that encompass the passion that each member brought to the project.

    ~ Strategic Plan, page 10


  • Mission

    The Mission of the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough is to provide an exceptional educational experience for every student in a safe environment.

    The mission statement differs from the vision in that it describes what the district does, whom it serves, and how it accomplishes its goals. If written properly it communicates succinctly and quickly. It is clear and unambiguous and can be implemented by all who work for the district. The Northborough-Southborough mission meets this test: The what- “providing an exceptional educational experience;” the whom- “every student;” and the how- “in a safe environment.” In short, the mission becomes the means to achieve the vision.

    ~ Strategic Plan, page 11